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  • 01755559191 & 01755559193(College)
    01745774617 & 01745774618 (Hospital)
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  • Monno City, Manikganj, Dhaka.

Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

Monno Welfare Foundation has developed this quality Medical College and advanced healthcare service for the people of Bangladesh. After four decades of continuous humanitarian service by many ways, we have diversified our services to the propagation of graduate medical professionals for health care services. Since 2008 we are helping the low-income group of people of the locality in receiving medical care through our hospital. Monno Medical College is committed to provide and ensure high quality medical education in our country.

Opting medical profession is a matter of all time privilege. However capacities and resources of the public medical colleges are limited. Consequently, many learners, despite their innate potentials, fail to accomplish their long cherished goal to be a doctor and thus to serve humanity for the capacities of the medical college of our country and unaffordable expenses abroad. Monno Medical College is the only medical college in this region which has its own campus at Monno City, Gilondo, Manikganj in a serene natural environment provid- ing ample scope to focus on excellent teaching facilities and research in medical science. The medical college along with its all modern teaching facilities and a very well designed and planned modern hospital equipped with modern diagnostic laboratory and treatment facilities, will be an ideal academy to provide the medical learners’ need based learning, generating self confidence in identifying and managing health problems in rural area with a humanly attitude as well as generation of processionals’ skill in modern medical science. I am happy to know that Monno Medical College has grown up successfully over the last few years.

We hope our expectation will be successful and effective.