Welcome to Monno Medical College and Hospital

  • Phone No.
  • 01755559191 & 01755559193(College)
    01745774617 & 01745774618 (Hospital)
  • Address
  • Monno City, Manikganj, Dhaka.

Vision, Mission, Objectives


To be an academic of “first choice” to transform lives that will contribute to secure the world towards a better place at whatever level of human endeavor they are involved.


Ensuring better place for the students in terms of studying medical science, saving lives of the patients in terms of quality services and world class treatment facilities, and securing prestigious livelihood of the students in terms of global job market.


Monno Medical College and Hospital is and absolutely non-profitable organization which is a concern of Monno Welfare Foundation.Its objectives are;

. To provide qualified, skilled, active, dedicated doctors having capabilities and endurance to work in any adverse/ unfavorable conditions/ situations in the national and international arena.

. To provide need based training to the doctors, nurses and other health allied personnel.

. To provide training to develop professional competence as to undertake research activities.

. To create environment for post-Graduate training & studies.

. To provide treatment and other health care services to the local and non-local people with affordable expenses.