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  • Monno City, Manikganj, Dhaka.

Message From The Founder Chairman


Message From The Founder Chairman

I am delighted to welcome the candidates seeking admission to Monno Medical College. Monno Welfare Foundation has established Monno Medical college to develop outstanding clinicians according to core competencies of patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning, communication, professionalism, and system-based practice. A unique combination of longitudinal mentorship, resident collegiality and patient-centered care provides a supportive environment that serves as the foundation for career advancement, scientific development, practice opportunity and leadership for a doctor. Medicine is a rewarding career; however , a doctor involves in a lifetime learning, both formally and informally. There are a large number of specialty career paths in medicine-with lot of career options available, a doctor is assured of finding a suitable career. The options may include; a surgeon, a physician, a cardiologist, a psychiatrist, a medical researcher or a public health physician to name a few. I hope one day the graduates of Monno Medical College will serve the ailing humanity all over the globe, by excelling in the medical field and bring laurels to their motherland. Our mission is to serve the health needs of Bangladesh by educating health care professionals to the highest international standards and stimulating innovation through research.

Medical science is challenging, exciting and dynamic. Countless new discoveries are making their impact on medical practice, and doctors or new generation will see even more dramatic change in future with the development of many new therapies, involving not only drugs, but also treatments arising from research. A number of skills and attributes have been identified that are considered the ‘core values’ of doctors: like, Competence, Integrity, Spirit of enquiry,Confidentiality, Responsibility, Caring, Advocacy,Compassion, and Commitment etc.

I wish them a bright academic career and continued professional success in the years to come. May Allah bless you all.